The Ten Week Challenge Syllabus

I walked people through a ten week challenge, using the following syllabus.

Week 1 - Sugar-free
Week 2 - Whole grains
Week 3 - Wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats
Week 4 - Raw dairy
Week 5 - The microwave
Week 6 - Fats and oils
Week 7 - Cultured and fermented foods
Week 8 - Local and organic produce
Week 9 - Processed foods
Week 10 - Implementing lifestyle changes

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I debated posting this one, but since a few of us are beginning this challenge with a fast, I figured I'd share the info with everyone. I believe that fasting is an important physical (and spiritual!) exercise. In Jordan Rubin's book The Great Physican's Rx for Health and Wellness he cites some our liver's duties: "...[It] removes toxins and germs such as viruses, bacteria, and yeast. The liver also processes fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and breaks down any chemicals, hormones, or metabolic waste circulating through your bloodstream." If our liver was a swimming pool, according to Dr. Don Colbert's book Fasting Made Easy, it would clean half of the pool every MINUTE. Our livers need a rest. And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

There are so many reasons to fast, but I'm not going to go into them here. (Unless people are specifically interested.) Freedom You! Fasting has been one of my favorite fasting resources. There are tons of articles, and the more I read about the benefits of fasting, the more excited I am to abstain from food. (I mean, as much as one can really be excited to abstain from food...)

I highly recommend giving your body a break. It will be a challenge, yes. But isn't that what we're all about?! A few of us will be doing a water/tea fast Thursday and Friday, in preparation for the challenge. (Lots and lots and lots of water.) It's a great way to detox and get ready for a new body! (If you're considering this for the first time, please let me know, or read up on the FreedomYou website, as there are definitely some things you need to remember!)

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