The Ten Week Challenge Syllabus

I walked people through a ten week challenge, using the following syllabus.

Week 1 - Sugar-free
Week 2 - Whole grains
Week 3 - Wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats
Week 4 - Raw dairy
Week 5 - The microwave
Week 6 - Fats and oils
Week 7 - Cultured and fermented foods
Week 8 - Local and organic produce
Week 9 - Processed foods
Week 10 - Implementing lifestyle changes

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Eating Guidelines

My ten favorite eating guidelines are below. They are based on the research of Dr. Weston A. Price, as well as the Weston Price Foundation. Most of the recipes I'll be posting are adapted from a cookbook that was born out of his work, written by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, called Nourishing Traditions. I HIGHLY recommend this book. You can buy it on Amazon for under $20. It has been a health saver for us!

There are substantial links for each guideline, so you can do some more reading on your own. Do I practice all of these, all of the time? No. Do I try? You bet. I love the way I feel when I am giving my body the best, and I feel as though the following guidelines are the best for me! They may seem a little overwhelming or unclear right now, but we'll spend one week unpacking each one, so don't despair!

1) Eliminate sugar and sugar substitutes, and minimize caffeine and sweets (like soda!)

2) Eliminate white flour. If seeds or nuts are consumed, soak or sprout them. Avoid improperly prepared nuts, bread, and breakfast cereal, as they block mineral absorption and can lead to intestinal distress.

3) Include wild caught fish and grass-fed or organic meats, eggs, and organs.

4) If dairy is consumed, preferably use raw milk and butter

5) Use coconut oil, lard, and/or butter for cooking. Eliminate artificial trans-fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils, canola oil, soybean oil)

6) Include cultured and fermented foods and beverages (like kefir, beet kvass, and fermented condiments )

7) Choose minimally processed, seasonal, locally harvested organic produce

8) Avoid or preferably completely eliminate the consumption of microwaved, (scroll to bottom of long article for summary!) or over-cooked food.

9) Minimize or eliminate factory processed/packaged, fake foods.

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