The Ten Week Challenge Syllabus

I walked people through a ten week challenge, using the following syllabus.

Week 1 - Sugar-free
Week 2 - Whole grains
Week 3 - Wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats
Week 4 - Raw dairy
Week 5 - The microwave
Week 6 - Fats and oils
Week 7 - Cultured and fermented foods
Week 8 - Local and organic produce
Week 9 - Processed foods
Week 10 - Implementing lifestyle changes

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Shopping List

If you are following my menu pretty closely, here are some of the items you will want to buy this weekend. I always recommend organic, but sometimes cost trumps all. All of these foods can be found at Whole Foods or your local Health Food store. I am not sure about other places, but it's worth a shot! You will notice that almost everything on this list is located around the perimeter of the store, and there are no foods that have been significantly altered from their natural state. (OK, well the meat has, sort of.) That's the goal of eating whole, real food.

This list is geared towards two people, so you can adjust accordingly. Your total food bill for the week (if you shop off of this list exclusively and prepare all of your meals at home) will run from $100-125, depending on what you have in your home.

Shopping list:

Chicken bones, or a whole chicken to be cooked, and the carcass used later. I don't know where people are in their stock making, but getting your hands on bones is key!

bacon (applegate farms is great!)
1.5 pounds stewing beef
chicken breasts or drumsticks
canned tuna
1 pound of wild-caught salmon
4 pounds of ground beef (if you are making extra meatballs to freeze!)

2 dozen eggs
***local or cage-free are best--there are local eggs in Hanover, Hanson, and Natick that I know of
raw cheddar cheese (Neighborly Farms of VT, or Whole Foods varieties)
32 ounces plain yogurt
***Seven Stars Farms makes a great, sugar free yogurt, as does a Canadian company that begins with a B. I don't know it right now, but it's very good, and the same price as other yogurts
butter (organic, cultured, pastured fed are great key words!)

fresh or frozen spinach
frozen peas
red onion
yellow onions
2 avocados
red and green pepper
1/2 lb snow peas
1 bunch of kale
bean sprouts if you're into that thing
potatoes - 2 for baking, 4 medium for mashing
sweet potatoes for "fries"

2 can crushed or "kitchen ready" tomatoes
tomato paste

rolled oats or steel cut oats
sourdough bread
brown rice (2+ cups)
spelt (or whole wheat) flour if desired
alternative grain pasta

Suggested spices:
curry powder
dried chili flakes

Additional suggestions:
Red wine for tomato sauce
Chicken or beef stock if you're not making your own

Hummus ingredients
Canned or dried garbanzo beans
Olive oil
red pepper (roasted or fresh)

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